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Pregnancy is a time for making healthy choices for you and your growing baby. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and can absorb unhealthy chemicals applied to it. Just like a healthy diet for your body, choosing natural, organic, nutrient-rich products will feed your skin, nurturing and balance it long after you welcome your baby into the world. The skin Juice Pregnancy Menu offers a delicious selection of treatments for all your unique skin requirements. Our pregnancy care menu features a healthy handful of your pregnancy essentials.
What are you feeding your skin? A healthy cleanse will prepare your skin for a smoothing exfoliation and a specialized treatment mask. Restore your glow with a soothing massage to relax the face, back and shoulders. Hydrating organic spreads for the face and eye area will leave your skin feeling soft and nourished. Be completely spoilt with an arm, leg and scalp massage, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
Skin Quenching Moisture Treat for the feet!
Enjoy a foot cleanse using antioxidant-rich berry infused juices to dissolve stress and soften the skin. Then smooth rough, dry skin with creamy exfoliation grains for that soft healthy glow. This treatment includes full nail and cuticle conditioning, along with nail polish application if desired. A nourishing burst of essential fatty-acids from Berry Belly Mask is massaged onto the skin to relax sore feet and relieve heavy legs.
This healthy treatment is not your traditional full body massage and is designed to help reduce stress, discomfort and muscle tension. This treat will help to lower anxiety, decrease back and leg pain and improve sleep to increase your overall mood and sense of well being. Resting comfortably throughout this treatment, you will enjoy a gentle cleansing of the feet, followed by an indulgent massage that will knead tension from the back, shoulders and head using Berry Body Oil. Tired legs will be gently massaged while sore feet are given special attention, soothing and re-energising muscles to bring them back to life. This treatment includes a calming face and head massage to leave you feeling completely relaxed. *We do not recommend the Mummy-to-be Massage within the first trimester (3 months) of pregnancy.
This bundle includes deep cleansing mini facial + 30 minute back, shoulders, neck and head massage.
Non-Sensitising milk acids are combined with papain fruit enzymes to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, while antioxidant rich berries are fed to nourish and protect the skin against damaging toxins. This refreshing treatment will strengthen the skin against common skin concerns that can occur during pregnancy. Your skin will be left renewed, glowing and soft as a baby's bottom.
Beginning with a gentle cleanse to detoxify, soften and brighten the skin, a fruit infused application of an antioxidant-rich belly mask will then help to keep the skin supple and prevent stretch marks while the tummy expands. Relax and enjoy an indulgent cleansing of the feet to relieve aches and pains while your mind and body relaxes. The treatment is complete with a gentle massage application of Mummy's Tummy, a Shea butter-infused cream that will soothe, protect and nourish the skin for an all over tummy moisture glow.
This treatment begins with a gentle facial cleanse using Berry Fresh Cleanser, before treating the body with antioxidant-packed Berry Buff, lifting away dull dead skin to reveal a fresh and glowing complexion. The skin will then be nourished and protected with an essential fatty-acid-rich hydration burst of Shea Butter and fruit oils from Mummy's Tummy.
This juicy bundle includes mini pregnancy safe facial + nurturing pregnancy massage + foot soak + perfect paws hand and foot massage.
This bundle includes a 30 minute massage + pedicure treatment each. (Price is for 2 people)