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SKIN JUICE Pregnancy Spa Menu 

Pregnancy is a time for making healthy choices for you and your growing baby. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and can absorb unhealthy chemicals applied to it. Just like a healthy diet for your body, choosing natural, organic, nutrient-rich products will feed your skin, nurturing and balancing it long after you welcome your baby into the world. The Skin Juice Pregnancy Menu offers a delicious selection of treatments for all your unique skin requirements. Our Pregnancy care menu features a healthy handful of your pregnancy essentials. 

Warm Bamboo Massage 

Back of Body $110
Buy 5 get 1 Free $550 Back Neck + Shoulder $60
Buy 5 get 1 Free $300

Your daily stresses will melt away.

Heated Bamboo rods enable the Therapist to work deeper on the body relieving tension and fatigued muscles, with hot towel removal.


Hot Stone Massage

Full body $110
Buy 5 get 1 Free $550

Back neck & shoulder $60
Buy 5 get 1 Free $300 

A wonderfully relaxing treatment. The heated stones will iron out stress and tension.
Very detoxifying for your body, with hot towel removal. 


Hot Stone + Warm Bamboo Massage

Back Neck Shoulder + Scalp $75
Buy 5 get 1 Free $375

Full Back of Body $115
Buy 5 get 1 Free $575

All the benefits of Hot Stone and Warm Bamboo combined into one Amazing Massage.

Sensory Journey Massage

Back Neck + Shoulder $55
Buy 5 get 1 Free $275

Full Body $90
Buy 5 get 1 Free $450

Sooth the Body and Soul with Aromatherapy oils that will take you on a Sensory Journey...